Gear for the Amateur Angler: Wal-Mart… Really?

Local Fishing Hole

Local Fishing Hole

If the title of this article doesn’t make sense than it is for you! For us novice fishermen, we would never dream of becoming an “angler” (def. sombody who goes fishing). However, there are some things we can do to at least catch fish and look like we know what we are doing. In my persoanl opinion, I should be able to go into any well-stocked tackle box and pull out the most flashy lure and catch fish with it. After all, if it looks interesting to me, shouldn’t the fish want to eat it? Of course, that isn’t entirely true, but it should be. You wouldn’t think that an animal that eats raw worms would be as picky as fish are.

Why did I just differentiate between raw worms and cooked worms?

Does it really make a difference?

Would I eat a cooked worm over a raw one?

I guess we are all picky eaters at some point…

I found this great website for picking out lures to use where you fish:

Thanks guys at “take me fishing” for using pictures to. It makes everything easier to have pictures and words.

Shakespeare Disney Princess Fishing Kit

Shakespeare Disney Princess Fishing Kit

As far as poles, it doesn’t really matter what kind of pole you are using. I happened to pick up my neices Disney Princess pole with just a worm and bobber and caught a fish! It’s not the most masculine way to fish, but neither is getting the line tangled at the reel because I haven’t used a pro fishing pole in about 20 years!

By the way, you can pick up this Shakespeare Disney Princess Fishing Kit(R) at WalMart for $15.00! Also at Walmart, is the Zebco Floating Dora fishing pole for $11.00. If you don’t think a 5 year old girl doesn’t need a floating fishing pole, think again… You can also get Spiderman or Cars for the boys, for under $20 each.

For the adults, Walmart has many fishing “rod and reel” options ranging from the Shakespeare Microspin Spinning Combo for $20, to the Abu Garcia Revo S Cast Reel for $112.

I personnally use lures and everything from Walmart. They market most of the gear for the weekend enthusiast and not for the rugged proffesional anglers. For example, this is from their minnow kit:

The Minnow Fish’n Kits are the most lifelike and productive line of soft plastic minnow baits ever put into kit form. These kits are deadly for panfish, perch, walleye, bass, trout and pike.
Mimic Minnow Fish’n Kit:
  • Includes soft plastic minnows, jigs, spinners and all the accessories needed to catch fish all year long
  • Hand-selected by the famous Team Northland Pro-Staff
  • Comes in a durable six-compartment reuseable tackle box for compact storage

    Mimic minnow lure kit

    Mimic minnow lure kit

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