Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging flower baskets are a wonderful way to add color and fragrance to the exterior of your home. Depending on the flowers used, hanging baskets can last a very long time. They are easy to build, grow and maintain. A well manicured hanging flower basket will keep its color long after most flowers have wilted for the season. Hanging baskets can be brought indoors as well. This allows you to keep your plants out of harsh weather, and bring some color and fragrance inside.

Getting a hanging flower basket started is a simple task. You can either buy baskets or make your own. There are many different styles of baskets to choose from if you choose to purchase one. There are a few things to consider first before purchasing your basket. Consider where you would like to hang the flower basket, and what types of plants to grow.

Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging Flower Basket

Plants to use

For baskets that are going to be exposed in full sun Bacopa, Felicia, geraniums, helichrysum, lobelia, lotus vine, marigolds, nemesia, petunias, scaveola, tagetes, trailing schizanthus, verbena are good plants to grow.

For Baskets that are going to be kept in mostly shaded areas Alyssum, fibrous begonias, fuchsias, ivy geraniums, hedera, impatiens, trailing ivy, lobelia, tuberous begonias are good choices.

Materials needed

  • A basket, wire or plastic
  • A liner. Sphagnum moss or a synthetic liner made from coconut fibers or wool. You can use bamboo leaves, fern fronds or even phormium swords as an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum moss.
  • Potting compost
  • Fertilizer. A small amount of time release fertilizer is a great option
  • Plants

Assembly: Wire Hanging Basket

Line the basket with the sphagnum moss or other liner. This holds everything together and will help retain moisture. Cover the bottom of the basket with the potting compost, pressing down to eliminate air pockets.

Now you’re ready to start planting your plants. To achieve a nice full flowering basket, it is important to plant in layers. Start at the lowest layer with trailing plants; use the middle layer for hanging plants, building up to the top layer for tall, upright plants. Lay bedding plants on the compost through the wire mesh from the outside. Press down to secure roots in place. When this layer is fully planted, cover well with compost to make the next layer. Continue to fill the basket with plants followed by layers of compost to within two inches of the rim.

The top layer can be planted with taller plants. Geraniums and Marigolds are good choices for this layer. Remember that these plants will spread so do not overcrowd the hanging basket.

Attached your chains or wire to hang the basket from, making sure that they are strong enough to handle the weight. Hang the basket in the desired area, water and enjoy.

Remember to feed, water and deadhead (remove dead flowers and blooms) the basket regularly. This will help your hanging flower basket grow and last all summer long. Pruning helps plants grow larger, bushier and promotes additional flowerings. So don’t be affair to trim and prune plant growth that trails too far.

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