Follow-Up Story about Tires

So, a great ending to a good story… I finally got the new tires on the truck. It has been a long and perilous journey through snow, wind, rain and sun.

New Tire

Awesome new (used) tire

Yes, I had trouble getting traction in all elements… The interesting thing is, the truck runs great! I didn’t realize that nearly bald tires did not make for a smooth ride. I am not sure if it is the balancing or the additional weight on the outside of the tire providing addional rotational inertia… Well, nevermind that, I am sure no one cares about that much science! But, something is different. It rides like a dream and I will be keeping a close eye on the fuel mileage to see if it helps save me some gas! We all can use a little more gas now and then. I would also like to thank Rural King of Ohio (R) for expertly installing my tires for me.

I was very tempted to try and install them myself. In fact, I looked up a couple of websites that discussed self installation of tires, however, when it got to the balancing I was a little worried. You see, I am somewhat of an engineer. I understand what a little bit of imbalance can do to something that is spinning at the speeds that tires spin going down the highway. I suppose if it were a tractor or something that was spinning slower, I may have done it.

Luckily, the Rural King (R) is right up the road from my work. I also am in training for a marathon, so I drove to Rural King (R), dropped off the truck and walked back to work during my lunch hour. On the way back to Rural King (R) to pick up my truck, I saw some interesting things.


Amish on the side of the road

For one, I had to walk in the grass to avoid the Amish horse and buggy that was bearing down on me. In our neck of the woods, it is common to pass them in a car, but I think this is the first time I had one pass me. I also stepped over a turtle that had been run over. I would post a picture of that also, but I don’t think that would be good to do. “You will be missed little guy… You will be missed.”

Tires are on; I took the long way back home to test them and all is well!

Thanks to everyone involved!

Tom Davis at Wooster RE/MAX  Showcase for the referral to the tire guy

Neal, the tire guy! We really appreciate it!

Rural King (R) – I still think $15 per tire is a little steep, but good job!

Buying Tires: Why is it so Mysterious?

My Ford F150 tire

51,000 miles on a 50,000 mile tire!

So, the latest in my stories… I need new tires for my Ford F150. I have let them go to the point that they have less tread than racing slicks. I can’t get traction going down-hill on a sunny day… (that’s a little embellished).
So we got a tip from a friend that there is a “guy” that sells tires for around $12 each. Now, I am a very trusting person, but even I have trouble with this idea. However, I am very cheap or frugal as my dad used to say… So last night we went in search of this great deal. Of course, I had to put air in the tire first ( I do this about twice a day) so we could take the truck. I was sure that it was going to be some muddy farm or salvage yard and the tires might even be worse than mine. I also needed gas, but I could get that on the way.
So, we start out and I have the address in my Garmin Nuvi(R). It is saying that we will get there at 6:05. My wife then tells me that he closes at 6:00! OK, we can make it. Needless to say, we pulled into his driveway and the truck stalled and the engine quit. NO GAS! I have to say, though, I was very impressed with the garage. It was an older gentleman working out of his garage. And, the garage was spotless and well organized. He had stacks of tires all marked with the size and price for individuals and sets. Everything was very clean and neat.
We left buying (4) tires for $39! So we got back in the truck and prayed. We called some people and told them to pray. It worked because the truck started. It also drove about 7 miles to the nearest gas station.
New used tires

New Used Tires

Thank the Lord for providing for all of our needs! But the tires that I got, when we got back home, were “P” tires and not “LT” tires. I never looked at that. I was so worried about the other numbers and the size and tread that I forgot to look at the first part! So we called our local Rural King (R) and asked them if we could use passenger tires on a Ford F150. Turns out that since it is a half ton truck we can do this. So I won’t get laughed at! Cool. The tires look practically brand new and with $15 per tire for mounting and balancing plus $10 per for the actual tire I will have a newer set of tires on my truck for around $100. This is great considering that each LT tire new is around $100 if I am lucky. So if you need tires, leave a comment with your email address and I will give you this guy’s info. It is definitely worth it!

In my job, I have a need to spec out new products and vendors. In other words, I look for things to buy to build the machines that we build to meet the specifications needed for the criteria that we have laid out for that project.

Rayco RC814 wood chipper

For these machines I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about axles and tires. For example, we use trailer tires for these frames and not LT tires. On your car your probably have P tires, or passenger tires. I also have to worry about all of those numbers and letters that are printed on the tire. Then there is the load class and the load rating. We have to look at the size and if you can get replacements easy. It has to bear the weight of the machine and then if they add any tools to the chipper it has to be able to carry that too. Then, after all that, we have to make sure that it will pass the requirements of Europe or Australia, or anywhere else we want to sell this machine.

Tire Diagram

Tire Diagram

Well, back to tires, I would hate to bore you with the pidly aspects of my job… (too late) I found a great resource for tires on the Wal-mart website. Specifically In this post they explain what all of the numbers and letters mean on the tire that is on your car! They even had this nice picture. Thanks Wal-mart!

Of course, they can’t explain every tire ever made so you have to do your research and find your vehicle and which tire would be best suited for it and the way that you drive. The information is out there, we just need to find it.